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SomaSkye Wellness

Grounding Energy Medicine Into the Somatic Body.

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Hi, I’m Kristi!

Guiding Intuitive Practitioners and Facilitators (& Your Clients) to become Emotionally, Energetically & Somatically Regulated.

I'm an Intuitive Practitioner focused on grounding energy medicine into the somatic body. I am a facilitator of the Subconscious Imprinting Practitioner Training and my mission is to help fellow Intuitive Practitioners (& your clients) become Emotionally, Energetically & Somatically Regulated.

I’m a Reiki Master, a Licensed SIT Facilitator, Wife to a Wife, self-proclaimed epic chef, and lover of Nervous System Regulation.

And I am here to help shift the paradigm of how wellness is viewed.

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"You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you."

- Dan Millman -



A person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession, especially medicine.

So, you may ask WHY - Healers, Intuitive Practitioners and Facilitators

Time and time again in trainings and certification programs that I have been in, I continue to connect with POTENT practitioners

Heart centred beings that are here to create change, be of service and guide folks to living their best life

We do practice sessions in these courses, I FEEL the potency of their work, I SEE the results first hand, and I HEAR our other classmates experiencing the same

….. but outside of the safety of the course walls, these potent practitioners are hiding

  • NO matter how many courses and certifications they take, if they are not regulated in their nervous system then imposter syndrome begins to cloud their vision, hijack their sessions and ultimately lead to emotional burnout
  • Nervous system dysregulation is hijacking the industry of these POTENT practitioners and its breaking my fucking heart!

Does this sound familiar?

There are SO MANY incredible practitioners that aren’t practicing and sharing their magic with those who will benefit from their offerings- are you one of them?

  • I get it
  • I’ve been there
  • I SEE YOU!

AND I know what else is possible!

So if you are done with the sweaty, shaky sessions and ready to discover how much better it can get - let’s chat

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Don't just take my word for it...

"An Amazing Experience"

The two sessions I've had with Kristi Skye have been amazing. She provides intuitive feedback and sound counselling. I love the IEM sessions we do, the information that emerges has helped me on my healing journey."

- Daisy Blue Groff -

"I found Kristi to have such a calming, peaceful spirit"

The energy work that Kristi provides is something that I think should be part of a routine to maintain one's health mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I found Kristi to have such a calming, peaceful spirit that was a joy to be around. I can't wait for my next session and I'm so excited that I have stumbled upon this practice right here on the island! No more ferry trips to receive this kind of energy work!

- Erin -

I have had the pleasure of seeing Kristi for both Intuitive Energy Massage and Reiki for the past couple of years since my husband died of cancer. She has helped me in ways that therapy cannot. She has worked with me through many different issues, related to health and to grief. She is a kind soul and an exceptional intuitive healer. I would highly recommend Kristi to anyone and feel grateful to know her.

- Heather -

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